Networks, Pumping Stations


We currently operate sewage networks in excess of 1000 km combined length ( Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah city networks).  Sewer pipelines, interior connections, chambers and manholes are regularly inspected and preventively cleaned or reactively (in case of blockages). Various tools such as GIS Mapping Tool and CMMS software create a virtual network (easily tracked by plots, exact GPS coordinates and showing history of interventions) helping our team to optimize networks operations and better plan the activities.

For more information on inspection and cleaning services, please consult the Water and Sewage services of our website.

Pumping stations

Our expertise also involves operation and maintenance of pumping stations connected to the networks, lifting stations and vacuum stations. Over 45 pumping stations are currently operated by us, some fitted with pumps of 490 kW power assuring a flow of 1000 litres/second.

Regular service involves operation and control of pumping stations either by remote management system or manually when needed, preventive and corrective maintenance of MEICA assets repair and rehabilitation when required, operation and maintenance of Odour Control Units (OCUs), regulatory safety and calibration controls by third parties etc.